Our Story

We are two Canadians proud of where we are from and we want others to feel the same.

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Design & Production

Our clothing is designed, printed and made in Canada. This allows us to produce only top quality products and support workers here in Canada. Having our printing, shipping and manufacturing all in one city helps reduce our transportation costs and our carbon footprint.


10% of the proceeds from each garment are donated to local charities. Our giving efforts are spread across three categories, people, pets, and our planet.

List of charities


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Local shelters, social programs and community building activities.


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Wildlife reserves, animal shelters, and animal conservation.


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Environmental charities, conservations and tree planting initiatives.

We want to raise awareness & get people talking. We want to use what power we have to make an impact.

How Much We Raised At Our First Popup Events

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Toronto Charities We've Donated To Thus Far

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Allison Dulmage

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I moved from Cornwall, in Eastern Ontario to the Big Smoke in 2011. I’m proud of where I’m from and I want others to be proud of where they're from, too. It’s nice to be a part of a community when people care. Wear your streets with pride. Help a neighbour shovel. Smile at a passerby. Good deeds do not go unnoticed.


Thomas Kimura

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I'm born and raised in Toronto and have seen how much people love this city. This is exactly why we started HNT. We know everyone loves their hometown as much as Torontoians love Toronto. As a self taught web-designer/developer I realized we could make our designs available for everyone with smart technology and automation.